switching it on

the power of experience

carcamo es is mainly focused in providing testing services to our customers. High quality, testing services are essential to the successful implementation of business solutions. The extensive experience obtained by our test team in the marketplace enables carcamo es to deliver a tailored solution to meet client requirements. Our test team will work with its clients to deliver a testing service which meets the objectives of the business by adopting a flexible and pragmatic approach to the provision of testing services.

carcamo es has extensive experience in supporting corporate clients in both public and private sectors for Infrastructure and Development work which makes the addition of Testing Services a logical and natural expansion to its service offerings.

Like us, our clients recognise that effective testing benefits both the development process and the deployed solution. To help them realise these benefits, we have brought together a team of specialists with excellent testing skills who are passionate about their chosen profession.

As well as skills, we believe that experience is essential. Without it, the siren calls of plausible but ineffectual approaches will introduce waste and delay. Our consultants have an average of over ten years testing experience each, in a wide range of different situations.

We use this collective knowledge to accelerate the creation and delivery of testing solutions. And we don't aim for small improvements. Our goal is to substantially increase the value our clients derive from testing: a goal which we have repeatedly met.

Like us, our clients also recognise that no two projects are the same. So we tailor our approach for each assignment to match the client's goals and culture. We work to a set of principles which govern how we conduct our assignments but don't form a constraining method which would stifle innovation and pragmatism.

As an organisation we constantly adapt our approach for new situations, or to bring fresh insight to a familiar landscape. Although we employ only very experienced testing consultants, we are committed to continually improving our skills. We place a high value on training and coaching in advanced peer groups.